ART/new york

A Video Series on Contemporary Art by Paul Tschinkel

Programs featuring Jean-Michel Basquiat

No. 30A - Jean-Michel Basquiat: An Interview Video Preview

No. 30 - Jean-Michel Basquiat (1960-1988) Inquire About Availability

No. 21 - Graffiti/Post Graffiti Video Preview

No. 19 - Young Expressionists Video Preview

No. 5 - New York New Wave at PS 1, The Armory Show of the 80’s Video Preview gucci replica gucci replica bags Replica Gucci bags replica bags replica bags Dior Replica Bags Dior Replica Replica Bags Fake Christian Dior Christian Dior Fake Best Replica Bags Quality Replica Bags Replica Designer Bags Luxury Replica Handbags replica bags Replica Handbags< Best replica bags Designer replica handbags Replica Designer Bags