No. 55

A Painting Collaboration at Fashion Moda

On this program we visit Fashion Moda, the foremost alternative art space in the South Bronx. It was begun in 1978 by Austrian born artist, Stefan Eins, with the intention of bringing art to people who rarely visit museums and galleries. It held exhibitions, sponsored performances, and for 15 years, functioned as the creative hub for the young people of the neighborhood. ART/new york visits this center in the Fall of 1986 and tapes a lively painting collaboration that includes work by Ronnie Cutrone, John (Crash) Matos, Daze, Mark Kostabi, Rick Prol and James Poppitz. Included are fascinating painting sequences, an art opening and interviews with artists.

  • Duration: 28 minutes
  • © 2000 Inner-Tube Video

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