No. 51

Larry Poons: On Making Art

On this program we look at the work of an artist who first came to prominence nearly forty years ago when he was loosely associated with the color field painters of the 60’s. Larry Poons made a splash in the art world when he painted bright dots and lozenges on large expanses of vivid color. In the 70’s and 80’s he began to pour and throw buckets of paint onto canvases. His work became decisively more expressionistic and out of favor with developments in the art world. Nevertheless, he persisted and continued to work and show over the years. On this program we see his 1996 show at the Salander-O’Reilly Gallery and see him working in his up- state New York studio. Included is a lengthy interview in which Poons talks about his work and his unswerving passion for making art.

Part I (28 min.), Part II (27 min.)

  • Duration: 54 minutes
  • © 1999 Inner-Tube Video

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